Thursday, November 20, 2014

Joyeux Noel...

 Turquoise Dream's Christmas Angel
 Spreading magical creative magic and inspiration angel dust
Christmas Steampunk Angel 

I am feeling so excited about the upcoming holiday season and becoming so inspired to create fluttering angel wings.
All the stamped images are from Character Constructions Designs created by Catherine Moore. 
My color theme is turquoise and maroon for this holiday season. I am really attracted to these happy colors,  this year.The steampunk hat and glasses are so funky to create with.
I am taking a break from creating angels to get creating my CC calendar page started.

Happy Creating and Merry Christmas..             

Friday, November 14, 2014

Hope And Dreams Christmas Angel Cards...

 Earth Angel Spreading Positive Christmas Dreams Fairy Dust...
Black, White And Red Colored~ Character Constructions Themed Holiday Card.

Spreading her pretty wings she share's her positive magical message to you, full of Christmas spirit.
My colors were inspired from the book Night Circus that my daughter was so kind, to read the entire book on one of our marvelous treasured visits.
You are properly thinking why is the man in the moon included, why is he not in the sky where he belongs ? The answer is~ it is rules.
The snow is lightly falling outside my window and it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas...

May all your hope's and dreams come true.  


Monday, November 10, 2014

Christmas Angel Of Kindness...

 Buon Natale
Floating on a cloud...

I am beginning to think a lot about Christmas and I listen to a x-mas song today to magically inspire me to create my angel of kindness.I truly get excited about the holiday season and family together.
I was inspired by an artist friend I use to know, to create this Character Constructions card. I enjoyed the design of card so much. I wanted to add my own creative twist and make it my own.
My earth angel is holding a tiny peace dove in her delicate gloved hand.
 Happy creating...  

Creating art dolls on a chilly November day...

 Ms. Simply Divine
Ms. Flying Marie meets Ms. Divine
Spread your wings and fly...

While I was out walking it was very easy to imagine a theme for my latest art dolls. It was such a cold day and I could not stop thinking of hot tea my entire walk. I was dreaming of a big hot cup of earl grey tea to wrap my cold hands around, when I arrived home. It made me walk faster dreaming of creating.
 All my stamped images are from amazing Character Constructions Designs.
I had so much fun drawing and coloring Ms. Flying Marie's striped arms and legs..   


I did enjoy my cup of tea...

Happy creating...         

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Oh la la

Marie Antoinette

Born a duchess in days of old.
Eyes of sapphire, hair of gold.

I have been making cards using amazing Catherine Moore's Character Constructions designs. I enjoy special cards to add to your trinket box of  treasures.I love pulling out artful cards I have received from friends on a rainy day.
This card is going in the snail mail to a dear friend.   
My Marie has pink hair not hair of gold. 
Happy creating...

Friday, October 24, 2014


Marie Antoinette

Happy Friday and I had fun today creating this french art doll using amazing Character Constructions designs. Her arms, pink poodle and legs are all movable parts. I add velco pieces to the back of my art doll, to give myself the option of adding a different art doll to my card front if I would like to do so. It is harvest time again and l love this time of year... 
Happy creating...  

Monday, October 20, 2014

Paris Dreams

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