Sunday, May 17, 2009


If you have not created an Art Paper doll, you should give it a try. I like coming up with a different theme for each paper doll. This is Ms. Teal , this is one of my favorite colors to work with. I like this lovely teal shade, it stands out show much. These images are from Catherine Moore's Character Construction Stamp Collection.
So maybe try something new and create a Art Paper Doll. I never get bored creating with these images, they inspire me just looking at them. I first saw Catherine Moore in 1999, in the Stampers Sampler magazine. I instantly was so taken with Paper Doll Art and so talented Catherine Moore. I think why these images really appealed to me, they are so out of the box. No rules and straight lines. You can make them as funky and unique as your mood feels in that creative moment. Let the "Magic" begin".
Enjoy your day.


Marilyn Rock said...

Ms. Teal is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Catherine has shared her dreams with us. If you have never played then you can't know the fun it is. Catherine's images make it fun and easy to create a beautiful and artful doll. Laura is so good at adding all the little pieces that cause her dolls to come to life.
Nancy Armstrong

Heather Robinson said...

Ms Teal is "the bomb", dear Friend!! She is indeed funky and out of the box. You have such talent creating art dolls. I like all of the details that you add to give them personality and to tell stories. Bravo!!