Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tea Time

Tea time is something I really enjoy. I love a big cup of hot tea to wrap my hands around.
This was the inspiration, for this Art Paper Doll. She is already to serve you your tea, whenever you please. That is a sweet dream maybe if your lucky a piece of hot apple pie too. Remember it is your dream, you can pick whatever you want "art supplies" maybe ? LOL
The stamped images are from Character Construction and the wings Paper Imagery Designs.
Enjoy your day.


Heather Robinson said...

I'm with you on wrapping my hands around a warm mug of tea. Of course, the mug has to be pottery in my case!!LOL Picky aren't I? So when is she coming over to my house to serve? Lavender Early Grey if you please! I love how you've so beautifully coordinated her lace. She's the perfect hostess!

Two Dresses Studio said...

Heh Laura - Have you considered using one of your own pieces like this one for your background woman??

Debby said...

Laura, she is really special. I enjoy a nice cup of tea every now and again, but I am a huge coffee drinker...Tim Hortons large, double, double please...LOL..

Marilyn Rock said...

Tea Time is lovely! Nothing like a nice cup of tea; always a comforting refreshment :)