Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sky the Tree Spirit

This is one of the tiny Tree Spirits that protects our trees, I was reminded of Tree Spirits or Pixie's from my daughter. When she was little and she attend her Brownies group. The girls earned merit badges with theme's of the different Spirits. I thought the idea of the little Spirits was darling and such fun make believe.
This is Art Doll # 2, for my doll swap. I named him Sky because of his crown, it has the stars in the sky. I create this little crown because I am also fascinated with the constellations.
I brighten and colored him with my water color pencils. I added more detail to his face and used ink to make him stand out more. I love altering the colors with watercolor pencils, makes it feel more your own creation.
Enjoy your day.


Marilyn Rock said...

Sky is awesome! Love his expression!

Trudi said...

Are you for real? This is precious!!!!