Monday, August 31, 2009

Alpha Paper Doll Swap Is Here

I received in the snail mail today my Alpha Paper Doll Swap, that I participated in recently.
Here are the six "Paper Dolls", I received in the swap. They are from V.Noechel, Teri Calia, Mary Pendergrass, Vickie Trancao, Miz Bella and Barbara Johnston. I know where Miz Bella and Teri are from. I would find it really interesting to know where the other ladies are from too?
If you could share that with me, that would be great. Then I can add that information, to the back of each of your Paper Dolls.
Thank you to Miz "Amazing" Bella, for hostessing this very awesome Paper Doll swap.
Enjoy your day.

1 comment:

Shannon Sawyer said...

These are great! I was hoping that you would get one of mine though. Did you see the ones I made by chance? I wanted your opinion on them since you are the official "Art Doll Guru". I haven't gotten my batch yet because I told Bella to just send them with my charm swaps. She's had that swine flu lately poor thing.

By the way, I do follow your blog. I just have it set up on my dashboard on my blog.