Thursday, August 13, 2009

Imagination Of The Artist

I really enjoy bright colors in my art work and using Teesha Moore images. This is an over sized bookmark I created. I like bookmarks larger, you can't misplace them as easily. The bright colors make it hard to lose them too. I think this bookmark has it's many eyes on you.
Happy Creating.


Tolegranny said...

It is different. It's still your style of colouring and composition. It's great.

Barb said...

Great work! Love the concept of a llarge book-mark too...I am always loosing mine.

Marilyn Rock said...

There isn't anything you cannot do Laura! I love the idea of the over-sized bookmark. Yours is just fantastic! xxoo

Michele said...

I love Teesha Moore too! It was her work that inspired me to start doing art again last year, after taking 8 years off.
And this bookmark is just lovely!