Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Doing What I Love

Sometimes we get so wrapped in the business of everyday life. The kids, the cooking and cleaning house "etc". I realized that lately, I have got away from what I enjoy the most in creating my art. I truly love creating with Catherine Moore's Character Constructions Stamp collection. I will feel a lot happier, doing the art that is my very favorite!!!! I will never get bored of creating with Character Constructions, Catherine Moore is my favorite artist. She is so full of imagination and also the sweetest person.

So, remember as I am today, do what you have the most passion for in life.
Happy Creating.


CathWren said...

You are so sweet Laura to pay me such a high compliment. BTW, your blog is looking very dramatic, love all the dark colors off set by the lovely blues.

Just keep doing the things that make you happy. We need that to balance our busy lives and we are blessed with the gift of creativity.


Tolegranny said...

Since I've just received more of Catherine Moore's stamps I will be doing more of her designs as well. Thanks for introducing me to her. You are a great inspiration to us as well. Keep it coming Laura.