Monday, September 28, 2009

Embracing Encaustic

I have received some question about Encaustic medium, since posting about my Andrea Bird class. This is the book Embracing Encaustic , I purchased from Andrea. It is a wonderful book and will answer all your question about Encaustic medium.
I was away this previous weekend and this is a picture my daughter Brit had taken of us. It was the most beautiful fall day,here in Ontario. The tree in the background is outside my back door, I love the color it becomes this time of year.
Happy Creating.



Great photo of you and your daughter:)
I had to chuckle when you said you had a thing for the name Moore. Just to add some Moore.... I live on Moore Rd. lol Maybe we were destined to connect. hee hee. Thanks for viewing my blog too.

Marilyn Rock said...

Love this photo of you and your daughter. You look like sisters! xxoo

Babsarella said...

What a lovely photo!!!

Shannon said...

Laura, OMG, you look so,so beautiful in this picture. So does your daughter, what a great photo of the two of you. But I just love the way you look in this picture. Your eyes just jump out at the viewer. You're so beautiful Laura!!