Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Handmade Art

I have not had a lot of extra time, for creating art lately. I took some time last night to create this Art Paper Doll. I got the idea to make her stocking a brick pattern because she has a house on her head. LOL. I truly enjoy letting my imagination run away,when creating any art piece.
That is the magic of art in my opinion and why I love it so very much.
The main doll part are from my favorite, Catherine Moore's Character Constructions.
Happy Tuesday.


Marilyn Rock said...

This is absolutely fantastic Laura! Glad you got some art time in so we can see your beautiful creations! Love this! xxoo Marilyn

Nancy A. said...

This is great.I love your sharing your imagination with us. Handmade is inspiring. Lets all make time to play.

Tolegranny said...

Too cute Laura. I have been missing my daily dose of dollies by you.

Shannon said...

I love the hose she's wearing and the shoes. She's very hip. Another ART Doll masterpiece of course.

Laura, wouldn't it be fun if we decided to take some weekend class together so we could finally meet? I would love to take Teesha Moore's class next year in Washington State.

Okay, I have two questions for you and you need to tell me so I can get your package shipped. Would you have any use for some "Alice in Wonderland" Tarot Deck cards? (There's 78 cards in the deck) I also wanted to know if you were familiar with Fancy Pants 12x12 stamp sheet called "From the Garden"? If you don't have it, I have two and I can send you the other one if you think you'd use it. One stamp on the sheet tore and the company replaced it with a whole new one. So there would be one stamp on your sheet that was torn, but other than that they are all useable. Let me know okay? Thanks buddy, HUGS!