Wednesday, September 30, 2009

She Makes Today Count

Birds, Paris, butterflies and fashion is what I added to create this journal page. What a dream some day to walk the streets of Paris, can you imagination ? I love the episode where Carrie Bradshaw from the Sexy in the city series, lives her dream. Except she steps in a big horse patty in the streets of Paris, making Carrie's dream moment come true. LOL
I used napkins, watercolor paints, gesso,a vintage image and gel medium to create this page. I tried to make the fashion Diva look vintage, with dull colors. I think this journal page makes a statement for all of us artists, who love creating art.
Make every day count.


Tolegranny said...

Just lovely Laura as usually.

Marilyn Rock said...

Laura, this is amazing! There's a romantic feel, to this, as well as elegance. I love it! xxoo