Saturday, October 17, 2009

Melusine Threatre

The mermaid is one of the most bewitching creatures of the legend,with the beautiful face, golden hair and torso of a women set above a fish's tail. Mermaids longed to win the love of a mortal man for only through such a union could they gain an immortal soul.

I truly enjoy Mythical creatures and adding them to my art work. I am hooked on these tiny paper threatre, there are such endless possibilities creating with them. You can use a lot of your imagination planning what will be on the stage, it's show time.

Happy creating.


Rosie said...

Absolutely beautiful work - theatres are such a brilliant art form aren't they? Do please link back to our challenge site if you want to take part.
Rosie ABAA

Marilyn Rock said...

There isn't anything you cannot do with a theme! This is incredible! xxoo Just like YOU!

Linda said...

Great work Laura...I like both of your little theatres.
Would you consider putting in a link to ABBA please?

Yvonne said...

wow, i find it really gorgeous, and i like both of your little theatres. they are so great!!

bloubell said...

This is really lovely!!!