Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The World In Silent

This is a smaller sized journal page I created today, it is totally Zetti style elements. I used watercolor crayons for a different background, on a watercolor paper surface. Watercolor crayons are really unique to create with. If you have not played around with them, they are very easy to use.
Teesha Moore's style journal pages are just full of "no rules",which is my favorite. You never know what your theme will be in the completion of your page. I always sit back and take a good look at what I have created. I always feel it is in the eye of the beholder of the page, what the true meaning is to them. Each persons state of mind reflects the true meaning of Zetti art. I would like to tell you my theme but that would change your opinion of this journal page. It has to be what you see and that is the magic of art.
Happy Creating.


Birgit said...

A wonderful work. I love it!
xoxo Birgit

Marilyn Rock said...

What I see, Laura, is your beautiful art! This is lovely journal art and very moving to me. Love your new blog look, too! xxoo Marilyn

Heather Robinson said...

I just wanted to sit and lose myself in the piece, dear One. It has such depth but at the same time it evokes stillness and peace. Very very powerful in its serenity. Hugs...Heather

thekathrynwheel said...

Lovely journal page, love the zetti style :-)