Thursday, December 17, 2009

Better To Give Than Receive

Did you ever try to imagine when you were young laying awake Christmas Eve? What Santa's helpers looked like? It would take forever for me to fall off to sleep dreaming of Santa. Now that I am an adult, this is my vision of Santa little helpers. I want to share with you; I still lay awake Christmas Eve so excited. I will never grow up and lose my little girl heart.
These art paper dolls I created with tonight are from Catherine Moore's 2009 stamp collection. My favorite to create with Character Constructions. Be ready Catherine has a new stamp collection, being released for sale January 2010, you can see the new clear stamps on her blog. These new stamps are on my must have stamp list, oh yes.
I hope all your Christmas dreams come true.


Marilyn Rock said...

Oh; I love the visions you have for Christmas Eve with these art dolls! Fabulous Laura! What a wonderful expression and I love what you did!!!! I'll have to check out Catherine's new line.

You are magical with your art!

Feeling better?

Love ya - Marilyn xxoo

thekathrynwheel said...

This a lovely, magical creation. I shall think of it as I go to bed on Christmas eve :-)

Nancy A. said...

How fun! I have now started my day with a smile on my face and in my heart.
Merry Christmas

Tumble Fish Studio said...

What a lovely daydream to have this morning. You created magic here!

CathWren said...

Well I hear that you have a lot to celebrate Laura! Congrats on getting 2010 off to a fantastic artistic new beginning with work to be published in Somerset Studio!

And good for you for working on improving your health and fitness!

Wishing you a wildly creative, happy, healthy new year (and a Merry Christmas too)!

Barb said...

Great dolls Laura... but please...don't tempt me ..I CANNOT buy another stamp!!!LOL
All the best of Season's Greetings to you and yours.

Tolegranny said...

Very Cute Laura. Christmas Eve is always the fun part...dreaming and listening to "All I Want For Christmas"....hahahhaa I also remember my mother singing..."Santa Baby"...a 54 convertible too, light blue... Boy that's dating me...or at least my mother....hahahaha

Tolegranny said...

I forgot to mention...The new stamps are on my list for January 2010. I love Catherine Moore's stamps.

layers said...

christmas visions in my head.
happy holidays

catworx said...

I LOVE your dolls, Laura, you really do those stamps so nicely!!! They are all so creatively gorgeous, I just had to start following your blog!!!


Martina2801 said...

Laura, your dolls and your whole blog are so fantastic!!!
I also want to thank you for all your kind comments on my blog, I have high regards for your artwork, and your comments are much appreciated!!
Wish you and your family a merry christmas and a happy creative new year!
Cheers from Stuttgart/Germany