Sunday, January 24, 2010

It Looks Like Rain

Without rain there would be no rainbow.
Mother nature is giving us a rainy day here today. My wish is that the rain washes away all the last of the snow and ice.
I have been dreaming of spring time and this art paper doll I created reminds me of spring.
I enjoy all the flowers in the garden coming to life again and everything looks so green.
The inspiration of this Character Constructions art paper doll came from, when I was a little girl. I loved to run in jump in all the small puddles after it had rained and when the sun came out. Then maybe a surprise of a beautiful rainbow would magically appear, to put a smile on my tiny face.
We should all go jump in a puddle, for old time sake. lol
Enjoy your day and live for now........ Thank you to Marilyn Rock.


nancy Gene Armstrong said...

Charming-simply charming. "Tut Tut It looks like rain!" Christopher Robin said. My favorite Pooh! Pooh goes up the tree for honey. Robin has to march back and forth saying for the sake of the bees it looks like rain. Pooh is a dark cloud. lol
This is so Pooh.I love her she is fun but gentle. I can just see her jumping in puddles.

Marilyn Rock said...

This doll just captures my heart Laura! I love her! I can picture her care-free; jumping in puddles and enjoying the moment!!!! I'm glad I inspired you with live for the now :) Love ya my friend-Marilyn xxoo

Birgit said...

Again, an absolutely successful Paperdoll. I admire your work very much, Laura.

CathWren said...

Makes me want to slip on my rain boots and play in the rain! Looks like the perfect rainy day activity, making paper dolls that is.

Debby said...

It sure does look like rain, wish it would stop..LOL..She is another wonderful addition to your collection.

Anonymous said...

I still jump in mud puddles, usually to my daughters dismay.

thekathrynwheel said...

Oooh sh'e lovely, especially the butterfly on her head :-)
Now, when are you going to make a spooky doll 'cos I'm looking forward to seeing it LOL!!
Kate x