Monday, January 18, 2010

My Heart Has A Window

The days are still so cold and I am dreaming of spring.
I really enjoy coloring the faces of art paper dolls. There is a good reason why ? Before I was married I worked for Estee Lauder at Holt Renfrew as a Beauty Advisor. My other passion is make up.
I came up with the idea of having a cake on top of this art paper dolls head, it is kinda fun.
The doll parts are from Character Constructions new art stamps collection Mannequin Cafe. I tried to use shades of light colors to make the dress form stand out. Thank you to Catherine Moore for creating these awesome new stamps to play with. They are such fun to mix and match. To create funky paper dolls.
Happy Creating.


joy said...

Just love this doll, Laura! The cake on her head is so cute!

Marilyn Rock said...

Just when I think I see a favorite of yours, you come up with yet another! I ADORE her! Love the cake on her head; brilliant! xxoo

Tolegranny said...

I love it, Laura. You have so many wonderful ideas to do with those stamps. Lots of fun...can tell in your creations.

Nancy Gene Armstrong said...

I do wish you hadn't put cake on her head-now I want cake to I love the doll and her title. I think you do have a window in your heart.
I wish I felt better cause I want to have fun making a doll. Maybe later today..
Thank you for showing us your lovely.

CathWren said...

Whether Beauty Advisor for the esteemed Estee Lauder or paper doll designer, your work is lovely and you always make me smile Laura.

Rella said...

Now I see why you like to color faces and do them so well.

Love this one..I just love them all............where do they go these dollies of they hang about the studio?

xox Rella