Monday, July 12, 2010


The most powerful weapon on earth is the soul on fire.
My daughter arrive home after being away this weekend in Montreal.Oh to be young and a free bird. She shared her picture's from the concert she attended. This amazing quote was on one of the very cool band members t-shirt in her awesome concert photo's. Anyways I thought it was neat and it gave me the creative inspiration for the theme of this art paper doll. The Character Constructions art doll head I added work out well, she screamed flower power.LOL I liked the butterfly on her cheek, it included the needed funky. You never know where your creative ideas will grow from, always so magical.
I am so pleased to be back on line, we have been experiencing computer problems. I have lots of catching up. "It is great to be back on line". I am excited to visited my fellow friends fabulous art blogs and answer my e-mails.
The summer is flying too quickly andthere is always lots to do. I value my art time and wanted to say thank you for sharing all your wonderful kind thoughts about my art work on my blog. Towards the end of the summer, I think it will be time to have an art paper doll giveaway to thank you for supporting me. So be watching for a giveaway,it will happen towards September to thank my incredible blog followers.
Happy Creating.


Marilyn Rock said...

Sweet Laura! Our inspiration comes from many sources doesn't it? I think the best is from the ones we love :) You have proven that here. This is awesome! Hope all is well; and yes - the summer is moving quickly, but I for one, cannot wait until it's over. I am not a heat person :( It's unbearable here. Sorry for the whine :) Miss you! xxoo

Otter Blue said...

Another stunning doll!

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Laura,

Again, another lovely paper doll! You are so incredibly prolific in your doll making. I'm seriously jealous.


sharon said...

Incredible Miss Laura!! Oh, to be young, and the bird is my favorite part!! Free as a bird!!!

We are as old and as free as we believe! This doll is so fantastic, a symbol of youth and peace! I love it so!!