Tuesday, August 31, 2010

She Is Invincible

The flower of being begins to bloom when you move with the flow of life.
This Character Constructions art doll stamped image was originally a lot smaller and Catherine has re created her larger. She is a big girl now. LOL I love her new size, she is so adorable. Her dress is so much fun to work with, I had fun cutting it in half. Then I added some funky text to the middle of her dress and daisy flowers to the bottom. Stripes add such a whimsical playful feeling to your art paper doll. This sunflower art doll is going on my list of favorite's, there are so many creative possibilities with her groovy style .
Enjoy your day.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Character Constructions New Die Cut

Crinoline Die Cut
I am so excited to share the news !!!!
Character Constructions newest toy! Catherine Moore has created a new die cut crinoline skirt.
The above photos are from Catherine's amazing blog, go take a peek. The above art dolls are created by Catherine and the little women sea creature was created by talented Lisa Guerin. I love how you can see the claws showing through the new die cut of Lisa's art doll crinoline skirt. Catherine art doll is showing the stamped crinoline and besided it the die cut skirt example. The art dolls are fabulous, love them both !!
The die cut will fit a cuddle bug, sissix or bigshot machine, oh what fun to come.
This new toy is going to make creating art paper dolls even more fun. I think the possibilities are limitless with this new die cut skirt. I love the way images show through the die cut crinoline, you can see example on Lisa's art doll crinoline.
This is just the beginning... I can't wait to play.
Creating is so magical.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Expression Of Feeling

Zentangle Magic


Your creativity is like a story; it needs a voice, a way to be heard in the world. Creativity is part of your future life. People think creativity is like stories,that it is outside of them, like truth or power. But it inhabits you like your life force, and it animates your being. Creativity is with the crystal palace of your being.You are about to go on a long journey. It is called your life. In each of us when we live a life of unexpressed creativity,when we live someones else's truth and not our own. Define your own creativity and live that creativity in the world.

This is my second attempt at creating a zentangle with a twist, it is such a great way to relax. This art piece is an over sized bookmark sharing reflections of magical art.

Happy creating...

Monday, August 23, 2010

Doll Art

Luna Twilight
When what lies inside
Is wore on my sleeve
So delicate balancing
On the edge forever
I created this Character Constructions art doll using the wonderful colors of turquoise, brown, and mauve. I wanted her to have a new age funky attitude, fitting to her name. LOL
No matter what art direction my journey takes me I will continue to create art paper dolls.
I know some of my dear friends were wondering where have the art dolls gone...
The answer to that question: never far from my imagination...
Happy creating.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Peace Zentangle

Changing Waves
Nothing is more fun than going a new direction in your art, change always feels good.
It felt time to try something a little different. I love to draw and just have not done this for years. Why do we do this to ourselves, not make time for what we enjoy ?
When I was creating this funky Zentangle gal her hair reminded me of flowing waves. I started to imagine her hair was all about the life journey and what the future holds for her...
Happy creating.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Atc Zetti Girl Swap

When I created these Zetti atc's my feelings were of reflections of an artist.
Wild women create art,they used to wonder about their direction ? Within each artist is this wild child who will never grow up and loves to create.
The one atc is my first attemp using zentangles patterns in my background, I can see why these are so relaxing to create. I am a born doodle person at heart and this is just perfect for me. It is such a cool feeling when you try something new in your art and "instantly" you feel change forever going in a new direction. I am so excited to create more zentangle patterns, the ideas are endless. I think zetti and zentangles really complement each other. Oh I am really excited, if you have not tried creating these patterns give them a try. I am hooked for sure. LOL
Last week was a busy one for me I had toe surgery. The freezing needle is forever in my memory I will not soon forget.(not fun at all, hahaha) I had a really great doctor at the hospital, so gentle.
A positive thing did happen, I made one of my goals and have lost a total of 60 pounds. I have 5 more to lose,it feels really great...
Happy creating.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Find Your Voice

Fly Away
This is my entry for a swap I have joined called Zetti Art Doll Magnet, this art doll is 10 inches tall. The Catherine Moore arms and legs were a perfect size for this art doll.
I hope my partner will be happy with her. I really like the tree's on her head, creating with Zetti is so much fun.
No rules...
Happy Creating.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Just a little hocus pocus
I had so much fun creating this funky art paper doll,I love stripes in my art work.LOL This colorful gals Character Constructions skirt is a toy theatre and on stage is none other than Charlie Chaplin. Watch out she will cast a spell on you... I thought she had a magical mysterious look about her that is why I added the "Book of Spells" with the inner pages blowing away in the wind. Watch out you never know what the wind will blow in ....
Happy Birthday to dear friend Nancy, enjoy your special day.
Sending positive thoughts to all you talented artist friends.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Envisions Of Alice

Sweet Dreams
Alice is used to bizarre dreams,but this is the oddest one yet! She keeps telling herself it is just a dream and considers pinching herself to wake up, but nothing works. Things are very weird.
Whenever I am creating a dreamy theme, I find myself using this lovely Catherine Moore art doll face. She is from the fabulous Inner Child clear stamp collection, she looks so peaceful. I was trying to create Alice is entering into her magical dream not knowing what her fate will be.This enchanted peaceful spirit is kindly watching over her to guide through her wonderland crossroads.
Happy creating.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Love In The Sand

Artful message in the sand.
Last Friday we had the pleasure of attending a surprise birthday party at a lovely cottage in Long point,Ontario. While we were there my teenager daughter used a stick and create this image in the sand. As she was writing a cute little collie dog decided to leave his own little marks. I wanted to share this because the colors looked so artful and I loved the little doggie paw prints. The sand looked so pretty like a periwinkle color.
I hope to create some new art work soon, this has been a busy summer.
Happy Creating...