Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Envisions Of Alice

Sweet Dreams
Alice is used to bizarre dreams,but this is the oddest one yet! She keeps telling herself it is just a dream and considers pinching herself to wake up, but nothing works. Things are very weird.
Whenever I am creating a dreamy theme, I find myself using this lovely Catherine Moore art doll face. She is from the fabulous Inner Child clear stamp collection, she looks so peaceful. I was trying to create Alice is entering into her magical dream not knowing what her fate will be.This enchanted peaceful spirit is kindly watching over her to guide through her wonderland crossroads.
Happy creating.


Nancy Gene Armstrong said...

Alice is one dreamy girl..got to get my Alice on..

Healing Woman said...

Here she is in her PJ's waiting for the sun to come up, which you show over her head. There is a lot of symbolism going on in this piece. She looks reflective...she remembers her dreams with satisfaction, forgetting the nightmares that sometimes haunt her.

Great job Laura!

sharon said...

OMG! I really don't think your dolls can get any better, and then they do! BRAVO!!! This is wondrous, the face is perfect, and hers shoes...the best! Hugs, and more later!

Meri Wiley said...

Hi Laura,

What a pretty doll. I just finished watching "Alice in Wonderland," with Johnny Depp for the fourth time, twice in the theatre and twice at home. I love him as that character, he's so darn good at mixing fragile with strength in his portrayals. Love that movie.


Martina2801 said...

This is absolutely brilliant, dear Laura! I have no words enough to say how I love your artwork.

Christy Laudig said...

Taking time out of my busy schedule to stop by and tell you how you inspire me with all of your creations. I really love this one...the sun adds the perfect touch.

Hope you're doing well my friend!

Trudi Sissons - Two Dresses Studio said...

How's the Queen of Dolls? Laura - I am worried because Heather hasn't posted for a loonnnnnggg time... is she away for the summer...?