Thursday, October 28, 2010

Moment Crazy

Just for a moment

Life can show no mercy it can tear your soul apart. It can make you feel like you've gone crazy, but you're not.

Smile your mouth is full of tiny blue people, can you get your teeth around that. LOL I had so much fun creating this art doll, the stamped head image is called Crazy teeth. I like the idea of adding an art doll to a tag, so you can hang it somewhere of your choice. This very fragrant tag was stained with coffee grinds and scented with cinnamon + vanilla.

The theme of this art paper doll was simply crazy, I think we all have our moment crazy. I do believe in my heart, that is really ok ...

Happy Creating.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Art Begins With A Vision

Begin to see life within every object

I usual gathering my art ideas on my daily walk and then my art vision comes to me what to create. The creative mind is fascinating.

I wanted to answer a question one of my followers mentioned to me. Character Constructions are the art stamps in the picture with me in my most resent posting. They are created by art designer Catherine Moore. I use these stamps to create my art paper dolls. I hope this answers your question, they are so awesome to create with.

I had such fun creating this art doll. I added her to a tag so I could hang her up somewhere, to enjoy. The tag has a fragrance of Cinnamon and coffee and is stained with coffee grinds. The eye is my main focus because my theme is vision.

I used the new die cut crinoline skirt from Character Constructions for this art doll, it is so neat to create with. I stamped the original crinoline skirt under the die cut skirt. I love how you can see the color under the die cut and you can tie ribbon to the die cut. I used patterned paper for this die cut skirt design.

Let your vision fly..

Happy creating.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Art House Studio

Very talented store owner, Karen Ellis
Footed Angel art canvas created by Karen
Karen's funky art doll gift

Yes me, thrilled seeing Character Constructions stamps

Beauty in all things created by the talented owner Karen Ellis

I wanted to share my artful visit with you. I had the pleasure of going to The Art House Studio located in Kitchener,Ontario. What an awesome mixed media art store, I just loved everything.LOL One of thing that really stands out in my mind about the store is,it gives you new directions on your art journey. All the supplies are so out of the box and very updated. I am so excited !!! I have been dreaming of attending art workshops to challenge myself to go in a new art direction. Now my dreams will become a reality, always lots to learn in the art world. Well I could just gone on forever about this wonderful store but I think that says it all.

My art will be forever changed is my final word. I hope you enjoy seeing all this stunning art work.

None of the art work is created by me, all samples from Karen's store.

I wish the rain would go away and come back another day.

Happy creating.

Visit Karen Ellis at the link below