Friday, November 12, 2010

Live For Now

I attend a class this week and it was wonderful. I love creating with beeswax on canvas.
When I put this beeswax art piece in this copper frame it came alive. The colors just popped and worked well. I am really enjoying using the color of copper in my art work.
The smell, the texture and look of beeswax are so pleasing to work with.
Live for now are such powerful words.
Happy Creating.


Meri Wiley said...

Hi Laura,

Looks like you're having a good time. I have yet to work in the encaustic medium, but will definately try it next year.


Nancy Gene Armstrong said...

It looks lovely in that frame you are right about it bring out the colors of your art piece.
I love the smell and playing with the wax. It takes a while to set up but so fun.Wish I could take a class in painting with wax.

Createology said...

Live for Now is so important. Your beeswax art is wonderful. Happy weekend...

Healing Woman said...

I am so glad you discovered beeswax (encaustic is nearly the same) for your artwork. It is so sensual to work with and smells so good, as you said. Ilove working with it. I have created journals, paintings and many other things with it. (angel wings)

You look great in the picture. Your eyes truly are b.l.u.e.! Wow.

sharon said...

Beautiful Laura! I have always wanted to try the wax...yours is gorgeous! I love the different style for looks gorgeous!

roc said...

what a beautiful piece of art laura! wow. love it!

Martina2801 said...

It really looks very noble, Laura! You are talented in so many things and your creativity is boundless. Have a nice weekend my friend.

Hugs and kisses

Oh, in the photo you look fantastic. Most particularly beautiful blue eyes you have. Great!

Marilyn Rock said...

Oh; I love seeing your art framed! It belongs out there for the world to see. Gorgeous. Beeswax has always been one of my favorite mediums. I'm so happy you are enjoying it; it shows!

Love ya! Marilyn xxoo

Karen Ellis said...

It looks fabulous framed! But then again... I had no doubt!!

Thank you for coming to the studio to create it! Loved having you girls there. You bring a smile to my face everytime!! ENJOY!!!!