Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Doll-A-Mania Continued

Character Constructions Rocks !

Here is a sneak peak of my Doll-A-Mania student cover material kit.
I have worked so hard to recover from this pneumonia illness. I have been working away to get ready for my upcoming workshop, I refused to cancel. I am getting a lot better,I have not got all my strength back yet.
I am excited to be back at Bizzy B's for the Doll-A-Mania Workshop, Saturday February 26 At 1:30.

It is always a blast visiting the Hive...

Happy Creating.
P.S. I will back to regular blogging and visiting very soon.
I miss you all very much.


Nancy Gene Armstrong said...

WOW OH WOW! She is one true Diva. I love her and the class is gonna R>O>C>K!!!! Soon when we can get caught up we need to do another doll trade. Love your gals!!!!!

Laura Haviland said...

Talented Nancy,
You are the Queen of Art Dolls, I love trading with you.
It is done deal,can't wait to do a special friendship trade with dear you.
Have a great day, your so awesome..
Hugs to you, Laura. xoxx
P.S. So pleased you liked my kit cover, thank you.

Createology said...

Very glad to hear you are improving each day and getting stronger. Love your newest doll creation. Feel better before Saturday.

Marilyn Rock said...

This is so creative - love it! Keep healing and I'm happy to read you are improving! Enjoy your workshop; I love the thought of you teaching! xxoo

Healing Woman said...

I think being goal oriented when you are ill helps to make a faster recovery. You have had it rough. I'm so glad you are teaching the class, I know your students love you and will appreciate so much that you did not cancel. Your kit for the class is so cool.

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Now there is a girl with attitude.
Such wonderful colors too.
Take it real easy when you teach, lots of rest in between, if you can

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

I love this one- and especially the words across her chest- so perfect!
I'm so happy for you that you're going forward with this class- I know it means so much to you.
Here's to a continued recovery.
And GREAT big healing hugs too,

CathWren said...

I know you must be exhausted, teaching and recovering from pneumonia. I hope you had a spectacular day. I know your class participants did. XoXo