Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Doll-a-Mania Workshop

I really enjoyed all the wonderful artists that attend the Bizzy B's Doll-a-mania workshop.
.Everyone is so deep in thought, great creative minds at work.

I got a giggle looking at this photo, not one of the yummy desserts had been touched.
The focus was truly creating art dolls. LOL

I wanted to share my first workshop at Bizzy B's in Toronto with you. Doll-a-mania continued to be a treasured day of memories.
I was feeling so much better and loved sharing my artistic
My next Doll-a-mania workshop is April 2 and I am so excited !!!
My passion for creating Character Constructions art paper dolls just keeps growing stronger.
Thank you "Amazing" Catherine Moore.

Happy Creating.


Nancy Gene Armstrong said...

I LOVE the pictures. It was nice how involved every single person was. It looks like so much fun was had. I am just so happy you decided to try teaching.
People just don't know how much fun it is creating these little Characters. Catherine has given us some wonderful images to create with. It just sends my imagination soaring.
Congrats to you..

bockel24 said...

They all look SO busy! But I´m sure they´ve had fun just like you!

Healing Woman said...

Congratulations on your successful workshops. Yes, everyone looks so focused and excited. Glad you were on the mend and able to continue your love of the Construction Dolls and workshops!!!

Marilyn Rock said...

I so love these pictures! I just knew you would be a marvelous teacher! Thanks for sharing so I could see! xxoo

CathWren said...

You are a sweetheart to be thanking me Laura, but this is all you. Savour the moment, you earned it!!

ImagiMeri said...

Hi Laura,

Congratulations on a successful workshop! I'd love to attend one of those, but Toronto is way too far away for me. Thank you for the opportunity for sharing your creative genius.


thekathrynwheel said...

Wow, it looks fabulous. Everyone looks completely engrossed in what they are doing - you must be a very inspirational teacher :-) Glad you are feeling a bit better x

Susan Williamson said...

It was wonderful to see and hear about how successful your Doll-a-Mania workshop was Laura. You are just so talented and a real asset to Bizzy B's..