Friday, January 6, 2012

Purpose And Power With Commitment

I live each day.

Angels seek to let Divine light and power flow through them unhindered.

I am having a blast creating with The Beekeeper's Tea newest collection from Character Constructions.

To create the angels face I used the No. 1 stamp plate from The Beekeeper's Tea collection. I removed the teapot from upon her head and added the tiny pot to the funky Diva swan's fashion statement .

You can really use your big imagination and build your own artistic style creating "Art Fashionista Paper Dolls" .

Challenge your inner child.

The true enjoyable passion of building with these quirky `out of the box` personalities is there is such variety to challenge yourself with these artful creations.

You do have to allow yourself to take some artful risks and cut some body parts to make them your own designs.

That is one my goals to make my art work, reveal a piece of myself.

There are no mistakes ...creating art.

Happy Creating.


NancyGeneArmstrong said...

Marvelous- your Earth Angels are awesome-you do make these guys your own. Wonderful imagination you have-I love to see what you will create.

Createology said...

Oh how beautiful. I love how you create your dolls. Blissful and Creative 2012...

Tolegranny said...

Very creative Laura. I love watching your dolls take a life of their own.

Marilyn Rock said...

So beautiful Laura! I wish you and your a healthy and happy new year! xxoo

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

She is wonderful, I LOVE those wings and her "pot hat" was a stroke of brilliance! I wish blogger still let us enlarge images, 'cause I feel like I'm really missing a lot. I KNOW how you like to layer the details into your work!
I've missed you, friend- SO glad you're back!

lana said...

thanks for sharing how you are using the new set of catherine moore's tea and honey... and the accompanying dialogue... love traveling on the path you are on...yes, there are no mistakes..