Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2014 Collaborative Calendar Sneak Peek

Winter~Belle Jardiniere
 A butterfly that dreamed of being a women... 

I wanted to share a sneak peek with you ..
Catherine Moore invited 13 talented artists to create a 2014 Character Constructions calendar. Each artist created a page for each month using their great artful imaginations. My dear friend  brilliant Connie Fong sent our images to a vendor to produce a professional 5x5 spiral bound desk calendar.  It is on the way in the snail mail  and when it arrives I will reveal more magic. 
I am Ms. January and my imagination created a french lavender winter garden featuring a styling steampunk moth butterfly. 
My creative vision~ a musical inspired vintage page. I added lots of lavender ink, antique lace and a purple passion felt snowflake with a pearl in the center. The metal spinner and clock create a steampunk fashion statement, oh can you see the peacock feather on her funky black hat ? I can never get enough of creating with peacock feathers.I enjoy all the colors shared in their glamorous feathers. 
The magic of art creating allows these page characters to survive the wintertime.
No rules when creating your art work.
When I receive my desk calendar in about maybe two weeks, I will reveal more created calendar pages to you.
It was such a pleasure to be invited to participate in this creative collaborative event. 
I am still recovering from my recent foot surgery. I have to keep my foot up for a bit so it does not swell. I am not ready to create yet but dreaming of lots of new ideas.
 Maybe I am going through creative withdrawal, I will be back posting soon.

You can see more sneak peaks of the upcoming Character Constructions calendar on wonderful Connie Fong's inspirational blog.

I will return soon..
Merry Christmas to you. 
Happy creating.


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Stopping By To Say Hello


 I have not posted in a long time. I have been recovering from my foot surgery and this is my third week since surgery. It is more a of challenge than I imagined. I have had lots of time to dream about new creative ideas. I have been enjoying reading the newest current Artful Blogger and Somerset Workshop magazine's,they are so full of brilliant creative ideas.  My darling husband was so sweet to surprise me.  
 I shared this piece of my art work I created sometime ago because it fits my life style at this time. I am starting to feel a little better now and still have a ways to go. I look forward to creating and sharing my new dreamy ideas in the fabulous New Year. I have to keep my foot up and get lots of rest.
I will return before you have missed me. 
Thank you to all my thoughtful friends for your lovely kind words, I appreciate it very much.   
Happy Magical Creating.          

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Foot surgery is on my list

No more high heels

I wanted to share with you, I am having food surgery this Friday. I have to stay off my foot for two weeks.I will be recovering at my parents and they have no internet connection. I am going to take this quiet time to sketch tree's and dream about new artful  ideas.
All my years of wearing high heels and working 12 hrs days have me now wear more sensible fashion.
Now I wear my boots and I love them.
Bye for now.   
Be nice to your feet.
Happy creating...

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Port Dover Maple Leaf Article

Believe And Magic Will Happen...

Such a  pleasure being the featured artist this week in the Port Dover newspaper. 
I wanted to share with you.
Really Fun...
Special big thanks to "awesome creative writer"  Kerstein Mallon. 
Happy Creating...  

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Life is a wonderful adventure !!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Art Expression

Keep Calm And Carry On

My darling husband surprised me last Saturday and off we went to awesome Art House Studio in Cambridge,Ont. 
While I was shopping for new art supplies a workshop was happening with brilliant guest teacher Donna Downey from North Carolina !!! 
I was so inspired because of Donna's new face stamp ideas to create my version with pen and ink.
I cannot wait to go back to visit always so helpful Karen Ellis at her store ...dreaming.

What an artful bonus seeing Donna Downey and she is the most beautiful free spirit. Donna was so kind and made my day really special along with Karen.




Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Art Paper Dolls Rock...

I love the Character Construction corsets.. this is an older creation of mine. 

This summer is flying by so fast and no creative art time sadly. The weather is so lovely and to nice to be indoors. 
Wishing everyone a terrific summer.

Happy creating.  

Friday, July 26, 2013

Art Paper Dolls

Art paper doll passion... 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Silent Whisper

Your Imagination

The theme of this art paper doll is your big amazing imagination, that whispers to you.
That magical light inside you...
Create, create and create

I created this new funky vintage gal to add to my mood board over my desk and she will inspire me when sometimes I am stuck for artful creative ideas.
The goldfish visual focus is a tiny metal clock piece to add Steampunk style. Upon the paper doll forehead is a metal spinner to reflect a positive direction to follow.
The little black metal clothes hanger make it possible to display " Silent Whisper" anywhere of my choosing.
I was so excited the day I discovered the metal clothes hangers for sale at Bizzy B's when I was teaching Doll-A-Mania in Toronto.
Artists big imaginations ....... " A Fabulous Inner  Gift"........enjoy yours.

Happy creating.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Stop By For A Spell

I wanted to share my published Character Constructions art paper doll featured in the Somerset Studio Gallery magazine with you.
Another special moment that put a big smile upon my face ...sharing the same page with my lovely talented friend Shannon Sawyer.. 

The purpose of life...be happy.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Transforms You

Layered ...

I really enjoy working with vintage text and adding Tim Holz's Linen distress ink to my pages. Suddenly you create this aged look and fun to work with too.I was trying to acheive a layered effect with each Character Constructions stamped image. I was pleased the top centre image has the printed words upon her pretty face "you know" , I love little hidden details.
Believe and magic will happen

Happy Creating.       

Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Home Is My Castle

7th Annual Atc Blog Swap

It is time for talented Marion Bocklemann's blog swap and I am so honoured to be invited as a former participant.
This year's theme is " My Home Is My Castle and means your ATCs should (person or animal) featuring a building-as a part of the body or a headdress or you.
Here are my three completed cards ready for the snail mail to Munster-Germany, into Marion's creative hands.
It was such a pleasure to create cards with this clever endless possibilites theme.
 I created using little house's for my bodies and added silly whimsy...
Dr. Seuss was on my mind.

Check out Marion's Blog:

You could join in the fun !!!

"Thank you to my friend Marion". xoxx

Happy creating.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


A touch of colour

Meadow cranesbill, dove"s-foot, the true English geranium, is that it seems positively to sing.

I was looking at a photo of my children we had taken many years ago when they were so little. The photo was taken in black and white by the creative " Silver Parrot" photographer in Port Dover. What made it extra special your wondering ? Well the answer is...the photographer added soft shades of colour.  For example on my son's tiny tie and my daughter"s flower on her darling velvet hat. This was the inspiration for this current art paper doll. I am not sure if I will create more of this colouring style? I love happy bold colours and found it hard not to add more colour contrast. I love trying new ideas and a new art challenge.
At this moment my cat wants to stand on my computer keyboard, anyone else have this problem with helping kitty cats..

Always fun moments with the naughty pretty little toyger cat girl..lol

Happy creating.  

Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Furry Kindred Spirit Friends

The Vintage Fox And The Lavender Hare

The magic of creating art paper dolls is..... no rules.
Where else can you see a Fox and Hare wearing red ballet slippers.

I think my passion for furry art paper dolls started with talented artist Beatrice Potter and her delightful watercolour magic in her famous children's books. In the movie Miss Porter she refers to her creations as her friends. That is why I called these paper dolls my friends.
Vintage cat art paper dolls are still my very favorite to create but these were a fun art challenge.
I got the great idea to take a picture outside today with my phone. Well the grass was to long and the wind was not helping either "as you can see".
The stamped dress images are from Character Constructions and were the perfect size to go with my  heads. 

I will be creating more furry friends and I think they all will need to wear red ballet slippers.

Happy creating.  


Friday, May 3, 2013

Wicked Lovely

All Dolled Up

All  the amazing blooming spring flowers inspired my newest journal page.  
The vintage faces are from awesome Tumble Fish Studio and Crowabout.
I added some small changes to to the image face with the crown because....
"My passion for make up + big eye lashes".

Sometimes less is more.

 Happy creating.


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Love Came Calling

Capture The Peaceful Soul
Remember to breathe deeply and love yourself ...

Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them.

This journal page was inspired by artist Cecile Agnes and thank you Brittany for introducing me to her art style.

Happy Creating.

Happy Creating.     

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wonderland Dreams

Alice had a recurring dream about a smiling cat, a rabbit in a waistcoat, and a dodo with a walking cane. Her father tells her that it is only a dream and that dreams cannot harm her.

I used spray ink+  my neon crayons to create the colours for my background. 
It is such a pleasure to create with this magical Lewis Carroll characters..

Maybe one day Alice's dreams will come true...

Dream big !!!    

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Believe In The Impossible

Charles Kingsleigh always believed that " the only way to achieve the impossible is believe it is possible" a belief he had passed on to his daughter Alice.

Alice In Wonderland... the classic story created by Lewis Carroll is so timeless and magical. I imagine you have guessed it is one of my top favorite fairytale.
Never lose your muchness and live your big dreams...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Butterfly Moon

Fly and be free ...said the moon.

Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursed, is always just beyond your grasp, with which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.~ Nathaniel  

I never get enough of creating with wings...such endless possibilities to fly away...
Almost all the art doll parts are from Character Constructions.
Happy Creating.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Live For...

The Zing In Amazing !!!

There is an inner beauty about a women who believes in herself, who knows she's capable of anything that she puts her mind too. There is a beauty in the strength & determination of a women that follows her own path, who isn't thrown off by obstacles along the way. There is a beauty a women who confidence comes from experience who knows she can fall, pick herself up & move on.

This tiny colourful character I created with some of the newest Character Constructions collection and also some of the classic favorites of mine. The vintage style corsets are so unique and timeless. This perfect hat from "The Timekeeper's Garden" is just the coolest with the added peacock feather. 

Stay Strong...            

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dream Cats

Dream Cats:
Artists with big dreamy imaginations...

I was inspired to create this shabby chic Steampunk Journal Page because of my fashion passion.
Buckles, machine googles, pockets watches, petticoats and black combat boots.
The Victorian heart of steampunk fashion...

You ask what is Steampunk ?
A subgenre of science fiction and fantasy featuring advanced machine and other technology based on steam power of 19 century and taking place in reconizable historial period of a fantasy world.

I really had enjoyed creating this Fashionista violet and red eye colour. I completed the eyes with black+red shading on the lids and white eyes lashes to be more funky.. fun..

It is nice to be home from Florida except I did not miss our Canadian snow.
I have to share it is always so pretty the snow to admire but not for driving.

Happy creating  to all you maverlous "Dream Cats"...         

Monday, February 4, 2013

Style And Fashion

Steampunk rocks..love it.
Your going to say "oh every newest Character Constructions design collection", you mention this same comment.
Okay here goes don't want to disappoint you.. "I really truly love it" .

The wonderful garments,feminine sensitibilities,hint of steampunk, magniificent hats and the oversized bags.The Louis Vuitton's Fall Paris Fashion show, proved to Catherine Moore this collection could be done.

Some of my creative colours were inspired because of that special  Feb 14 coming soon...I love everything about this romantic lovely day. A day to spend with the person you love and cherish.

I was away in Toronto almost all last week but headed home for my fun b-day. Anyways I can never get enough  of "fashion.. fashion.. fashion" in T.O. and this is one of the reasons I adore this new CC collection of awesome stamps.
Oh yes I treated myself to a pair of Steve Madden leather boots while away, they were on sale.
Who can use self control, when there is a amazing last day sale......not me.
Happy creating.        

Monday, January 21, 2013

C'est La Vie

I enjoy adding antique lace to my artful creations and this CC image offers such a french vintage feeling about her.
  This french themed tag is going in the snail mail asap,to talented dear friend Connie Fong.
I love her art work and her fabulous blog...

Believe in yourself...
Happy Creating. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Truly something to crow about styling a black top hat and peacock feathers on wheels. Most of the stamped images I have created with are from newest collection "The Timekeeper's Garden" from Character Constructions. 

Dwell in the possibilities...
Happy creating.       

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Follow Your Dreams

The Timekeeper's Garden
These new images from Character Constructions really make your imagination endless...
Happy creating.   

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Bit Of Earth

I  really enjoyed the movie The Secret Garden and one of my favorite moments is where Annie asks  ''May I have a bit of earth ? "
This new stamped art doll image from Character Constructions is just so adorable, she is so whimsical. The newest collection has a nice assortment of lovely hats with great style, I am so excited to create with them. Dream moment shared...wondering what it was like years ago to wear one of these vintage style hats.... I imagine amazing.  
I have used a Father's Day greeting card and it was a nice big card to create with. I have complete the back of the card and next is the front. I have included the decorative papers from Character Constructions  and spray inks to create my card backgrounds.
More to come, to complete my garden themed card. I can't give you any hints of my artful plans, still waiting to be discovered in my big imagination..lol 
Happy creating.                 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Timekeeper's Garden

Character Constructions newest 2013 collection.