Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dream Cats

Dream Cats:
Artists with big dreamy imaginations...

I was inspired to create this shabby chic Steampunk Journal Page because of my fashion passion.
Buckles, machine googles, pockets watches, petticoats and black combat boots.
The Victorian heart of steampunk fashion...

You ask what is Steampunk ?
A subgenre of science fiction and fantasy featuring advanced machine and other technology based on steam power of 19 century and taking place in reconizable historial period of a fantasy world.

I really had enjoyed creating this Fashionista violet and red eye colour. I completed the eyes with black+red shading on the lids and white eyes lashes to be more funky.. fun..

It is nice to be home from Florida except I did not miss our Canadian snow.
I have to share it is always so pretty the snow to admire but not for driving.

Happy creating  to all you maverlous "Dream Cats"...         


Healing Woman said...

Love her. Boots and other embellishments really do make her a steampunk kind of gal. Nice work Laura!

Sophie said...

Laura, das ist super!

Viele Grüße von Sophie xx

connie said...

Love many details to admire!