Monday, February 4, 2013

Style And Fashion

Steampunk it.
Your going to say "oh every newest Character Constructions design collection", you mention this same comment.
Okay here goes don't want to disappoint you.. "I really truly love it" .

The wonderful garments,feminine sensitibilities,hint of steampunk, magniificent hats and the oversized bags.The Louis Vuitton's Fall Paris Fashion show, proved to Catherine Moore this collection could be done.

Some of my creative colours were inspired because of that special  Feb 14 coming soon...I love everything about this romantic lovely day. A day to spend with the person you love and cherish.

I was away in Toronto almost all last week but headed home for my fun b-day. Anyways I can never get enough  of "fashion.. fashion.. fashion" in T.O. and this is one of the reasons I adore this new CC collection of awesome stamps.
Oh yes I treated myself to a pair of Steve Madden leather boots while away, they were on sale.
Who can use self control, when there is a amazing last day sale......not me.
Happy creating.        


NancyGeneArmstrong said...

Yes-You my friend are always about fashion. The new boots ,the great bling and make-up not to forget the newest perfume..I know your B-Day plans were wonderful and I KNEW it would show up in your latest art work. She is styling big time.Love her...

bockel24 said...

totally cool, love the vintage look here!

connie said...

Happy Birthday To You! Love your latest creation...the accessories are the best. I'll have to call you a fashion diva from now on. Glad to hear you treated yourself to some new boots! Enjoy and keep on creating.

Connie said...

I love coming here and visiting. I don't always leave a comment, but I could spend hours going through your posts. You are so creative.
Love, love, love your work.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)