Wednesday, May 15, 2013


A touch of colour

Meadow cranesbill, dove"s-foot, the true English geranium, is that it seems positively to sing.

I was looking at a photo of my children we had taken many years ago when they were so little. The photo was taken in black and white by the creative " Silver Parrot" photographer in Port Dover. What made it extra special your wondering ? Well the answer is...the photographer added soft shades of colour.  For example on my son's tiny tie and my daughter"s flower on her darling velvet hat. This was the inspiration for this current art paper doll. I am not sure if I will create more of this colouring style? I love happy bold colours and found it hard not to add more colour contrast. I love trying new ideas and a new art challenge.
At this moment my cat wants to stand on my computer keyboard, anyone else have this problem with helping kitty cats..

Always fun moments with the naughty pretty little toyger cat

Happy creating.  


Lori Saul said...

Beautiful and subtle- just a hint of color to this stunning piece. Love this!

Foxglove Hollow

connie said...

Another lovely card - love that touch of color.

Sophie said...

Oh, Laura, ich liebe dein Werk.
Es ist so süß, so zarte und feine Farben.

Sophie xx