Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Furry Kindred Spirit Friends

The Vintage Fox And The Lavender Hare

The magic of creating art paper dolls is..... no rules.
Where else can you see a Fox and Hare wearing red ballet slippers.

I think my passion for furry art paper dolls started with talented artist Beatrice Potter and her delightful watercolour magic in her famous children's books. In the movie Miss Porter she refers to her creations as her friends. That is why I called these paper dolls my friends.
Vintage cat art paper dolls are still my very favorite to create but these were a fun art challenge.
I got the great idea to take a picture outside today with my phone. Well the grass was to long and the wind was not helping either "as you can see".
The stamped dress images are from Character Constructions and were the perfect size to go with my  heads. 

I will be creating more furry friends and I think they all will need to wear red ballet slippers.

Happy creating.  



NancyGeneArmstrong said...

They are charming . We are both finding our little friends in the animal kingdom lately to be magical. It is fun and so whimsical. Will look forward to your next creatures-dancing away on their red slippers.

bockel24 said...

Oooooh, that hare is just too cute!

Martina2801 said...

How awesome!! Love your "Furry Kindred Spirit Friends"….. they rock!

Mary said...

Yes - furry creatures are lovely and I love them!
Where did you get your red ballet slippers from?