Monday, February 24, 2014

There Are Door Ways I haven't opened...

 Another completed journal page for my fashionsta book of dreams.
 Enchanted Palooza.

There is so much in life waiting to be discovered. 
Everyday is a new day full of adventure !!!! 
When one door closes, I strongly believe another will open.
Sometimes it is hard to make yourself move forward and leave the past behind.
Life is a magical journey...

Beautiful Valentine gift from talented Connie Fong

I arrived home from Florida to find this lovely created Character Constructions Valentine in my snail mail.
I will treasure her always...what a truly perfect card.
I love it !!!!!!!!
Connie never stops amazing me with her unique brilliant creations and I just love visiting her blog filled with great inspiration ideas.
Thank you Sweetest Connie Fong for your kindness.



Julie Ann Lee said...

I love your journal page and the Valentine is stunning. I will check out Connie's blog. Julie Ann x

Createology said...

Your signature style and colors are beautiful. There does seem to always be another door if we just pay attention. Creative Bliss...

connie said...

Hi Laura, you're very welcome - thanks for all your kind words and posting my're so sweet. Your work is so inspiring - I love your use of colors and're such a wonderful artist!

Martina2801 said...

Dear Laura, your art blows me away. This is a beautiful journal page...every detail is perfect. Standing O from me!