Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tangling With Brenda In Elora

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting a kindred spirit friend talented Brenda Shaver Shahin. My darling handsome husband was so kind to take me away to fabulous Elora for the day. I had no idea that day we would walk into Brenda + Nail's HMS Boutique and my creative journey would find a new direction Zentangle. 
Brenda and I immediately bonded as treasured friends and her husband Nail is so wonderful.
Brenda shared her tangle passion and dedication to being a successful teacher.
Last Saturday we returned to my favorite place to visit Elora and I was so thrilled to learn Zentangles with talented Certified teacher Brenda. Some people are teachers but do not have a gift to share their vision like Brenda. I truly enjoyed learning the magic creative journey to a place of peace, empowerment, and unlimited potential through Zentangle. 

~There is  no going back now~

I am so excited to share a new big "Mindfulness" adventure...Stay tuned Brenda and I have decided to collaborate our ideas to create some unique Zentangle classes. We are going to incorporate Zentangle, collage and Character Constructions beautiful designs. Here is a little hint of the umcoming classes ...Halloween Cirque.
I am so hooked in such a positive way and truly enjoy Zentangle therapy.

Anything is possible...
one stroke at a time !

Happy creating...  

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