Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Oh la la

Marie Antoinette

Born a duchess in days of old.
Eyes of sapphire, hair of gold.

I have been making cards using amazing Catherine Moore's Character Constructions designs. I enjoy special cards to add to your trinket box of  treasures.I love pulling out artful cards I have received from friends on a rainy day.
This card is going in the snail mail to a dear friend.   
My Marie has pink hair not hair of gold. 
Happy creating...

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Mary said...

You have been inspiring me for some time with your creative use of Catherine Moore's stamps, Laura! Being a Francophile, I have been desiring the Marie stamps especially since I share not only her first name but also her initials! Now, I will have to ramp up my priority list so I can start creating with her and share them with my friends! Merci bien!

Mary in Oregon