Thursday, April 7, 2016

All Things Alice- Blog Swap.

I just adore "Alice In Wonderland"...
These are my completed ATC's for Marion Bockelmann's annual yearly blog swap.
I really enjoyed this year's theme " All Things Alice" and every year is awesome.
My cards are all ready to fly to Germany.
It will be so exciting to see where my three card, are created !!!
Where will these come from in the world ?
Thank you Marion, it is always such a pleasure participating in your blog swap.
Here is the back, from


peggy gatto said...

Love these little charmers!!

bockel24 said...

love them, Laura!

MiSchra said...

Wonderful theme and such precious cards.
Wishing you a lovely, sunny and creative weekend ... from southern Germany ;-) (sad to say that I'm not getting those ATC's) ♥
♥ Michelle (MiSchra)

Anonymous said...

The are amazing! There is something about the quality to them, brings to mind beautiful vintage illustrations. Love the imagery and the colours - love your art!

Jannet said...

These are wonderful ! So glad I am in the swap.

Anonymous said...

Dear Laura
Today in the mail is one of your wonderful ATC!!!! Thanks it is soooo beautiful!!!

Jo Murray said...

Lovely cards Laura.....hope I get one.

Michele said...

gorgeously done! xo