Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Gypsy Soul

I created this art doll, about 2 yrs ago.
Time flies.
 I was looking at her today and I wanted to share her with you.
I like her bright yellow and her theme.
 She is from Mary Jane Chadbourne's on line workshop,I really enjoyed creating this large art doll.
I cannot wait to create some more of this style of art doll.
I love working on the wood surface and I love her large size.
I like you can display her and my cats will not knock her over.


1 comment:

MiSchra said...

Oh I love that doll!! I have absolutely no idea how they are made (seems to me like I would need lots of stuff) but I'm so totally in love with them. I like the way your doll is looking down. She seems a bit shy :-)